Simplify and Begin Again…

Hi, my name is Cheri and I have a problem.

I have been addicted to Facebook for awhile.  I love to socialize and connect and view pictures and learn more about my 700+ “friends” than I care to admit.  Facebook was a way for me to connect in a way I couldn’t possibly find time to do on a day-to-day basis with teaching full-time and being a single mom to two active boys.

So it dawned on me one evening as I poured over updates and commented on statuses, I kept allowing things I thought important  in my own life to slip by.   Sitting down with my boys at a dinner I prepared.  Exercise.  Writing.  Taking my dog for a walk around the neighborhood.  

The questions I began to ask myself varied.  “Did I make a connection with my two boys today?”  “Had I taken time to breathe in the fresh scent of pine from my backyard?”  and “Did I manage to get to sleep early enough to warrant that I am rested and ready to face the world again at dawn’s break?”  

That’s when I decided I needed to walk the walk, and talk the talk.  

I have lectured, cajoled, and sang praises to friends, students, my children and anyone who would listen to learn to simplify and “live in the moment.”  It’s sometimes so much easier to say than to do.  I had forgotten to end my day with gratitude, remembering the little things that really are the big things.  I was sucked into a world of technological connection – and although I still have withdrawals and will make a point to go back on with better boundaries – I was missing daily opportunities to connect with the most important people in my world – my boys – and setting myself up to live a healthy life by taking the time to care for my body and mind.

““Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.” ― Mother Teresa said.    And it was time for me to begin again.   To learn to simplify, to hear the whispers in my heart.   Which meant I had to turn down, or in this case, turn off the noise.

The task is still daunting.  But I began by giving up “Facebook” for the month of October, in attempt to move my body more – gain a habit I desire (exercise – but kept putting off) and writing, for myself.  And for you.

I enjoy “freelancing” (still do) and writing for a myriad of publications from local papers to “Home and Design” magazines to the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series.  But this “blog,” this website… is dedicated to the F.L.Y. girls (or ladies, if you so prefer) and F.L.Y. guys.  It’s about “First Loving Yourself,” and learning – together – to navigate our world, minute by minute.  

I will share stories, hope to hear yours, and together learn how to really live in the moment.  And our first task at hand?  Simplify.  Begin Again.  And simply breathe.

About Cheri Eplin

The minute my mom gave me pencil and paper, I never imagined a life without writing. The ultimate goal for me is to write about "the things" people care about most. Learning about people and discovering new places are two inspirational subjects that pull me to my computer and keep my fingers tapping on the keys. I am determined to "let go" and learn to live best "in the moment." So many things have happened in my life - just as they have in yours - that are unpredictable and sometimes leave me feeling I have no control. And the lesson is, very rarely do I. So this blog is dedicated to working together to find ways to "simplify" and live in the moment. I live in Danville with my two amazing boys and am grateful to love what I do and do what I love: be a mom, teach, write, and constantly learn.
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